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YOUR MENTAL HEALTH (Anxiety, Depression and other diagnoses)

Woman, 39

“I first worked with Ruth through the NHS and I pestered her for her private work details when our sessions there were over because I didn’t want to see anyone else after working with her.

I’ve seen her privately now too, for a different problem. Even when the times are very tough I find it helpful just to speak out and most of the time there are things I can try to help myself when I go home.

I always feel better after seeing Ruth and I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their mental health.”

Man, 48

“Having 10 sessions with Ruth was a transformative experience for me. I have been understood and I understand myself now in ways I could not have imagined.

Anger and fear were such a huge part of my formative years and, of course, they found a way into my adult life.

The puzzle that was me now fits together and I realise what I have done that has been worthwhile, and seeing this has helped me to grow further and develop new skills.”

Man, 45

“I’m usually someone with drive and motivation, but this had deserted me. Ruth helped me to uncover the reasons and get myself back on track.

I am glad I contacted her; she is very skilled at what she does.”

Man, 29

“Working with Ruth gave me the avenue I needed to be able to talk through and navigate some of the issues I was facing with my mental health, in such a profound way. She gave me the space to speak out loud what was going on in my head, exploring my past, present, and future experiences.

I never once felt she was judging, or making assumptions, but instead offering small bits of guidance that would help me find the solutions and answers myself. This approach gave me the tools to be able to leave her and confront the issues if they arise again by myself.

Beyond the actual sessions though, just knowing I could go and see Ruth if needed, that she was there and easy to contact, made the tackling of my issues so much more achievable, as she seemed to offer a safety net of incredible support.

I absolutely loved our sessions together, and even knowing I can go back to see Ruth if I need in the future is so comforting in allowing me to go on living my life without worrying about my mental health becoming a solitary issue I fight on my own.”

Woman, 37

“I first started sessions with Ruth almost 10 years ago and have done a mixture of longer periods of therapy initially, with shorter periods of sessions nowadays.

I will be forever grateful for the help Ruth has given me. Without fail, she has always been kind, thoughtful, amazingly perceptive and empathic.

Her skill, expertise and ability to use a variety of techniques and adapt them to my particular circumstances has been ever so helpful. Thank you Ruth!”

Man, 32

“I started sessions with Ruth to address self-confidence and anxiety issues I was having in both my professional and personal life.

Ruth’s sensitive and patient approach has enabled me to work through these problems and find practical solutions that have made a real difference to my daily life.

What’s more, when I moved abroad she was able to fit Skype sessions around my busy schedule. I cannot recommend Ruth highly enough.”

Woman, 47

“I am so grateful to Ruth for her compassion, understanding and wisdom. I used to worry about drivelling on about ‘first world problems’ and what she must think of me and others like me sometimes.

But, in the end, what mattered was that the sessions made me feel much better!”

Woman, 37

“I am a 37-year-old female living and working in London. I have been seeing Ruth to support me to manage my clinical depression, as well as specific matters such as my divorce, family and relationship problems. I find it easy to trust and open up with Ruth because she is a very intelligent, credible and experienced therapist and our sessions are a confidential and safe environment.

Over the last year, I have faced a number of challenges, both relating to my current life – personal and professional – as well as traumatic events from childhood. Due to Ruth’s breadth of experience and training, we are able to explore together this broad range of areas and different approaches to help me address and accept them. My sessions with Ruth really support me to gain insight into why I react to events in the way that I do and, importantly, help me see how I can change for the better my usual pattern of behaviours, in particular in relation to romantic relationships, relationships with my family, and my career.

We spend time reflecting on specific events in my life, big and small, to support me to achieve a healthier balance in how I view these, the result of which is I have developed much more positive self-esteem and self-confidence. Ruth is an interactive therapist and I have come to look forward to my sessions with her as I know I will walk away more aware of who I am and how to manage situations that arise in my life. One of the key aspects of our sessions which I specifically value is that we consider not only my past and present, but how I can work to promote and sustain my positive well-being now and in the future.”

Woman, 27

“I suffer from anxiety and occasional depression, and came to see Ruth despite having no appointment, when I was really struggling. Ruth sat with me for half an hour in between appointments, listened to how I was feeling and recommended some people that could help. After learning about and practicing tapping therapy from a colleague, I began therapy sessions with Ruth. We spoke about the ‘fear system’ and I learnt many things about anxiety that I will always remember to help myself navigate through the ups and downs of life.

Our discussions helped me understand myself more and helped me to change small things in day to day life that created a much calmer way of living. I learnt to trust myself and make decisions calmly and confidently. Overall, Ruth has a wonderful way of altering negative patterns of thinking, helping you to see them in a more positive light, which greatly helped me to trust my instincts and become less overwhelmed with big decisions. This went hand in hand with reducing my levels of anxiety and being able to cope better with anxious periods.”

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