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STUDENTS (Psychology, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Child and Art Therapists)

Woman, 28

“Ruth is really very special in the sense that she gives genuine therapy rather than following a set therapeutic theory and method.

I really liked her honest engagement and concern for my real development. Instead of it feeling like playing a set game, the experience was fluid and authentic.

I’m sure my own practice has been greatly improved by having Ruth as my therapist and I hope to be as good as she is one day.”

Woman, 45

“I saw Ruth for weekly therapy for almost a year. This was my first experience of psychotherapy and I found it to be an extremely positive experience.

I found that Ruth’s supportive yet gently challenging style really helped me improve my understanding of some of the difficulties I had been having in my relationships and in gaining insights into ways of moving forwards towards communicating more assertively and effectively.”

Woman, 39

“Ruth is supportive and empathetic as a therapist and as a supervisor. Her calm nature helped me to feel safe and encouraged me to open up without feeling judged.

Ruth helped me to develop understanding and more awareness in my strengths and weaknesses. I would recommend Ruth as a therapist and as a supervisor.”

Woman, 40

“My long-term therapy with Ruth was alongside my University training in Counselling. It was a very unique experience in the sense that I have been offered the flexibility of using the sand-tray art therapy whenever I felt comfortable with it. Initially I thought I would be having only a talking therapy – the most common way of dealing with pressing problems but I was led by my curiosity towards the numerous figurines in the room – artefacts from all around the world and I could not resist the temptation of testing out the dry and wet sand trays.

The combination of talking and art therapy revealed a new world in front of me, my inner world. It was a very powerful experience which I truly loved. The sand-tray approach enabled me to access other levels of my self – the parts that I was suppressing for various reasons. The emergence of forgotten, unresolved issues to conscious surface was so insightful. It deepened my understanding of who I am and how I function as a human and most of all it helped me to process emotional content that was kept hidden for years and burdening me without me realising it !

Working on my self-awareness through Jungian symbolic art therapy felt like lighting up the shadowy corners of my Self, a deeper exploration of myself and personal growth. This insightful therapy would have not been experienced without the warmth and gentle approach of Ruth. Her professionalism, empathic understanding, intellect and sense of humour created the safe space for me where I could trust her well enough to open up and work through my difficulties. Ruth has always been available and reliable throughout my two years of rigorous counselling training. I really appreciate her invaluable support.”

Woman, 33

“Ruth is a supportive and curious practitioner who gently facilitated my process during the two years I saw her.

I worked with Ruth throughout my psychotherapy training and appreciated her acknowledgement of the balance between personal process and working through sessions as a student.

I particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to work with a sand-tray in some of our sessions, and found our reflective discussions around this experience to be very beneficial.”

Woman, 37

“As a trainee psychotherapist, Ruth was the first psychotherapist I saw and she helped me steer my way through previously unchartered waters.

I always felt safe in her company and she helped my self-development enormously, giving me confidence to explore issues that I had previously ignored.

I saw Ruth for 30 sessions and left a much more confident and self-aware individual.”

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