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WORK RELATED (stress, toxic environments, unfulfilled life purpose)

Woman, 50

“The sessions with Ruth provided a safe, trusting and accepting environment where I found it possible to explore topics freely, in a way I couldn’t do anywhere else.

Discovering unchartered areas was eye-opening and rewarding. Ruth’s non-judgmental approach and sensitive feedback helped me to gain new perspectives on previously strongly engrained thought patterns and unconscious beliefs.

For me, her calm and friendly manner are conducive to discuss topics without inhibition. Through my work with Ruth I gained unique insights, and I also found her recommendations of books and further reading very useful for my journey.

Overall a highly positive, enriching experience.”

Man, 44

“I was ‘signed off’ from work due to stress when I first saw Ruth and felt so relieved to gain an objective view on my overall situation. Over the course of six months I was not only able to return to face ‘the music’, but I felt empowered to put my case well.

We looked together at the possibility of more suitable employment for me, I regained my sense of self and was able to change jobs. Looking back, it sounds simple, although it didn’t always feel so straightforward.

But, I know now that my whole family has benefitted from the way in which Ruth gently, patiently and wisely guided me through times that seemed almost impossible and on into a more positive future; we are very grateful.”

Woman, 28

“Working with Ruth was my first experience of counselling, and I was quite nervous about going! However from the start, Ruth made me very comfortable and helped me be able to open up.

Ruth used a range of tools to support me, including talking, practical exercises and sharing reading for me to do in the week between seeing her. I really valued having Ruth to speak to and explore how I was feeling.

She helped me to reflect and learn how to give myself the space that I need. I valued my experience working with her and will continue to do so in the future.”

Man, 53

“To date, I’ve worked through two distinct and separate sets of issues with Ruth (11 sessions first of all, and then 7), and always found her to be calm, patient, sympathetic and insightful.

At all times I felt free to express exactly how I was feeling and what I was thinking; and Ruth gently guided me towards a healthier, more realistic perspective, and gave me the confidence to work out the right path ahead for me. I would recommend Ruth wholeheartedly.”

Man, 42

“I was surprised that I enjoyed my sessions with Ruth. She is wise and patient and talking about worrying issues with her was easier than I thought it would be!

This time helped me open up to myself and to others, to feel ‘authentic’ and to pursue new possibilities. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Man, 37

“Ruth has assisted me to gain greater insight into many aspects of my life, which has helped me to control various negative behaviours, including substance misuse.”

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