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BECOMING A BETTER YOU (confidence, self-esteem, anger, realising your ‘true self’)

Man, 28

“When I first came to Ruth my communication in both personal and working relationships was at an all-time low. I have always had an active mind but could never portray it into meaningful words.

My monthly meetings with Ruth have helped me so incredibly, not only with my communication but with my confidence surrounding it. The amount of friends and family that have noticed the change is unbelievable and I owe this to Ruth.

I always look forward to our sessions and would highly recommend Ruth to anyone that felt the same as me when I started 18 months ago.”

Woman, 32

“I have found working with Ruth to be a really valuable experience; she provides a very non-judgmental space to explore and reflect on feelings and ideas as well as past and present events in my life.

I particularly appreciated the range of approaches she took with me – for example, considering practical methods of dealing with specific situations as well as exploring why I found them challenging.

Sessions feel comfortable and well-structured, and I am very grateful for all the help that Ruth has provided.”

Woman, 39

“Over the course of an extremely difficult and upsetting few years, Ruth provided me with unwavering, invaluable and effective support and guidance. She was the steadfast rock when I lost my footing in life.

It’s hard to sum up in a few lines how much I value and appreciate her work as a therapist, but I think it’s true to say that I wouldn’t be as happy where I am today without her.”

Woman, 36

“Ruth used a combination of CBT, life coaching and counselling to help me. I was quickly (3 sessions) able to reach conclusions that have put some personal issues into perspective and, as a result, I feel happier and more confident.

This was also helped by a selection of recommended reading which was well-suited to my needs and which I can continue with in my own time beyond the course of sessions.”

Woman, 34

“Ruth has a very gentle and lovely manner, and she’s full of empathy. She created a safe environment for me to talk through my issues, and helped me understand and accept the difficult feelings I was experiencing, and untangle some emotional knots.

I’m more assertive and confident now, and much better equipped at dealing with my emotions in a constructive and healthy manner.”

Woman, 35

“I can’t even remember how I came across Ruth, but I do know that I’m very glad that I did.

It was at a turning point in my life journey and the support and encouragement she gave, and the insights that I gained, were invaluable. Thank You, Ruth!”

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