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RELATIONSHIP ISSUES (difficulties in relationship and in finding relationship)

Woman, 40

“I have a great relationship with my partner of 18 months. Ruth saw me through some awful dates and bad times with a man who just wasn’t right for me.

If it wasn’t for her helping me to get out there and stop panicking, I might not be with the man who is now my fiancé. I honestly thought I could never have my own family and can’t thank Ruth enough for being by my side and guiding me through the turbulent times.”

Woman, 39

“I feel strong and stable and contented with my life and myself. I used to think my life wouldn’t be complete without a man/a husband and family, and couldn’t have imagined the things I have discovered about myself and what truly makes my life good.

I’m very grateful to Ruth for helping me to find myself and see ‘my own good sense’ (as she would say)!”

Man, 45

“Circumstances had pushed me to ‘rock bottom’ when I first saw Ruth and I could not see how things could possibly improve. Through these tough times, she helped me to begin to trust again – without being naïve – and to rebuild my confidence.”

Man, 26

“I decided to see Ruth to get some help working through a number of small issues in my personal and professional life. From our first session I felt a confidence that Ruth knew how she could help me.

I always feel comfortable in our sessions and come out with a renewed idea of how to achieve my goals. After 6-7 sessions or so I had tapered my frequency down to once a month and I am feeling the benefits and was able to stop.

As a young male, I felt there was a stigma around seeking help, but now I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”

Woman, 38

“Ruth I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. I’m truly grateful for how you’ve helped me turn my life around.

You have a fantastic ability to make me feel so comfortable around you, to the point where I feel I could tell you anything. I look forward to and enjoy every session.

I couldn’t recommend you highly enough. You are kind, generous and so helpful and flexible with your time. Keep doing what you are doing, you are amazing! Thank you so much.”

Woman, 38

“I was going through a difficult time emotionally and in my relationship. A friend recommended Ruth and I’ll always be grateful to my friend for the recommendation.

Ruth is an excellent Counsellor who listens and is able to help you work through complex issues. Ruth creates a trusting and safe environment which allows you to express feelings.

She has helped me in so many ways such as feeling more positive about myself, my confidence and my relationship. Thank you, Ruth, for being there always.”

Woman, 34

“I started sessions with Ruth at a time when I felt lost and lacking confidence deciding how to move forward following the break-up of a long-term relationship.

Ruth’s practical and supportive approach in my sessions helped me gain clarity on the challenges I was facing, understand myself better, and grow confidence to take forward steps.

I would recommend Ruth to anyone struggling and looking for some signposting and support”

Woman, 29

“I worked with Ruth over a number of months on a range of struggles I was having in relation to communication, conflict, and relationships. Ruth provided a relaxing, non-judgemental and safe space to talk openly. Our work together covered everything from sensitive matters that were difficult for me to talk about to lighter topics where I simply needed some support to process my thinking. Areas covered included family, sexuality, relationships and work.

Ruth operates with patience, calmness and professionalism, adapting her pace to the needs of the session. Ruth really supported me with how to better process and understand my feelings and communicate my needs, pulling on her deep experience in relationship work and non-violent communication techniques.

My work with Ruth helped me through a particularly challenging time in my life and has had a lasting positive impact on my relationships and quality of life. I am glad I connected with Ruth I would very much recommend her services.”

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