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PERSONAL CRISIS (carrying on can seem almost impossible)

Man, 52

“I felt very down and fragile at a bad time in my life. Ruth helped me deal with problems in personal life as well as a lack of confidence, and just generally struggling to cope with everyday things.

Ruth in her quiet and personable way helped me work through the worst of these issues. Ruth showed great concern and understanding which was very valuable to me at this particularly low point of my life.”

Woman, 32

“I saw Ruth during a period of major life transition, when I was feeling lost, alone and insecure. I found her sessions to be incredibly helpful, she is a very kind and supportive listener.

She offered excellent advice and insight and was generally very validating of my experiences. I wouldn’t hesitate in turning to her again for support.”

Man, 39

“Ruth saw me through a very stressful period in my life. Her guidance taught me a lot about my work and family situations and how to make improvements in both areas.

She is easy to work with and I recovered my confidence as well as learning some useful techniques.”

Woman, 27

“I was originally incredibly resistant to the idea of counselling at all, as I had had such poor experiences previously, where counselling had left me feeling more vulnerable than when I arrived.
This could not have been more different from the moment I started my sessions with Ruth. Every session left me feeling more empowered to be an agent for change in my own life, even when I was confronting difficult emotions and complicated personal circumstances.

I intended originally to only see Ruth for six weeks; in the end, I saw her weekly for 6 months. This is not because I felt any pressure to book further appointments, but because the sessions became a vital part of my support system when the process of counselling revealed more deep-seated issues and past struggles with bouts of anxiety and depression.

Needless to say, almost two and a half years later, I feel more at peace than at any part of my life to date, and a large part of that is to do with the on-going support that Ruth gives me – whether an infrequent drop-in for a ‘mental health check-up’, or more regular sessions when life throws up its’ many challenges.

I don’t know what ‘form’ of counselling, coaching or therapy Ruth uses – all I know is that it works! I genuinely wish that all people who were struggling with the complicated world that we live in had someone as thoughtful, reflective and giving as Ruth as part of their system of support. I am certainly very grateful for the role she has played in supporting me to become the best version of myself (or close enough!).”

Woman, 27

“I worked with Ruth for around a year when I was dealing with the illness of a family member. Her kindness and warmth meant so much to me and our weekly sessions gave me the space and opportunity to think about myself instead of other people. It was important to me that someone understood what I was going through and Ruth did just that with a gentleness and encouragement that stays with me to this day.

By the end of our time together I had reached some clarity about what I wanted for the future and had the confidence to pursue it. She helped me to recognise and quell some of my self-criticism and untangle some complicated and painful family relationships. I am very grateful for the time we spent together.”

Man, 28

“I found Ruth’s details online whilst looking for help with my depression and anxiety, both of which I knew nothing about! 

I’m so glad I did and I can’t express in words just how much she changed my life by helping me through such a difficult period of 12 months or so. 

The therapy and guidance I received during this time did not only allow me to get better, it taught me skills that I can use forever.

I can highly recommend Ruth and have already done so to both family and friends.”

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