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Ruth Shelley – Chartered psychologist

Ruth Shelley is a highly experienced chartered psychologist who has helped numerous people overcome life’s problems.

She will provide sensitive expert support, whether you’re experiencing distress from a traumatic event, are having work or personal relationship problems, have a primary mental health diagnosis, or if you simply want to explore your ‘self’ and your personal potential.

Ruth has a track record for finding the right blend of therapies to help you get on well in life.

“having experienced the trauma of bereavement and a painful split from a long term partner… I just knew I needed external help… it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Each session left me feeling more confident and grounded.”

Woman, 52

“I decided to see Ruth about issues in my personal and professional life. From our first session I felt a confidence that Ruth knew how she could help me. I felt there was a stigma around seeking help, but now I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”

Man, 26

“Ruth has been an invaluable part of my personal development after having my daughter. She has helped me to feel much more content and settled… and has kindly and gently directed me towards realising my goals. I would highly recommend Ruth to anyone…”

Woman, 34

“I felt very down and fragile at a bad time in my life… problems in personal life as well as lack of confidence. Ruth in her quiet and personable way helped me work through… she showed great concern and understanding which was very valuable to me.”

Man, 52

“I have been seeing Ruth to support me to manage my clinical depression, as well as specific matters. I find it easy to trust and open up with Ruth because she is a very intelligent, credible and experienced therapist and our sessions are a confidential and safe environment..”

Woman, 37

“When I first came to Ruth my communication in both personal and working relationships was at an all-time low…She helped me so incredibly… The amount of friends and family that have noticed the change is unbelievable and I owe this to Ruth.”

Man, 28

“My long-term therapy with Ruth was alongside my training in counselling. The combination of talking and art therapy revealed a new world in front of me… It was a very powerful experience. Ruth has always been available and reliable… I really appreciate her…”

Woman, 40

“As a senior psychotherapist, I sought a psychologist with at least 2 decades of experience. Ruth impressed me with her warmth, sincerity and understanding. She helped me work through some deep rooted psychological issues. Without reservation, I would recommend her practice.”

Man, 49

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