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LOSS (bereavement, divorce, break-ups)

Woman, 33

“I first worked with Ruth to help me navigate the complexity and fear of knowing a very close relative was dying. She supported me as I became a carer. And after, when I realised the extent of my loss.

It’s not an overstatement to say Ruth was my one constant through all of this. She helped me find the tools to cope. She also helped me make some sense of my thoughts and feelings.

Ruth gave me such a gift of feeling more grounded, through the work we did together. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Man, 46

“After a traumatic parent’s death coinciding with other trauma I saw Ruth, having found her online. I will never forget our first meeting because after I explained everything she said she knew she could help and get me back on track.

The relief on hearing this I will never forget. Feeling heard and understood made a monumental difference to me that day. Sunshine had broken through the darkness.

And for that and the ensuing guidance and help I shall be eternally grateful, as I am now far stronger, better, more complete human being due to her help.”

Man, 49

“As a senior psychotherapist, I sought a psychologist with at least 2 decades of experience. Ruth Shelley impressed me with her warmth, sincerity and understanding.

She helped me work through some deep rooted psychological issues. Without reservation, I would recommend her practice.”

Woman, 52

“I wasn’t sure what sort of therapy I wanted – or indeed if it was really right for me- when I approached Ruth – having experienced the trauma of bereavement and a painful split from a very long term partner. I just knew that I needed some external help, and she sounded like the right person from her website. I have to say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Each session left me feeling more confident and grounded.

Ruth offered me a safe space in which to express myself, guidance in navigating my life and the challenges that I faced but I never felt directed. It also meant that I never felt dependent and when the time was right I was able to reduce my sessions naturally. I also feel that I can return when there are particular issues that I need external help with. To this day I can’t tell you what sort of therapist Ruth is. All I can say is that for me, she is excellent at what she does, she made – and has continued to make – a huge difference to my life and changed my (and my friends!) views about therapy and what it can do for you.”

Woman, 71

“I met Ruth during the most harrowing time of early widowhood. I had resisted the idea of counselling so it was in desperation that I finally contacted her.
She responded promptly and because my time was pretty much my own, and my need by then fairly urgent, she was able to see me almost immediately. The importance of speedy action in such circumstances can scarcely be overestimated.

Ruth has a gentle, unassuming presence, which belies a quick and resolute practicality. She is not merely ‘a good listener’, she is an intelligent one. She chooses her words carefully; she is well-informed in relevant ways and applies her knowledge and experience with the utmost sensitivity.

The greatest help to me has been the quiet confidence she conveyed that I myself had sufficient resources and resolve both to withstand and eventually recover from the most traumatic time of my life.
I know that I can contact Ruth at any time and receive a sympathetic hearing and this in itself is sustaining.

More than anything I am immensely grateful for the part she has played in enabling me to lay the foundations for a new life of creative fulfilment and for that I thank her from the bottom of my heart.”

Woman, 37

“Following my mum’s sudden death I found I simply wasn’t coping. I was in free fall and didn’t know how to start processing what had happened or how to begin to move forward. Ruth supported me to build the net I needed to be caught by, as well as to begin processing my grief. I found her style very gentle and encouraging, and it felt easy to open up to her. We only worked together over a few months but she supported me to develop coping strategies which I have found helpful in the intervening years.

Two years later I found my life was on a path towards major change. While I was happy to be getting married, I would also be moving abroad which filled me with fear. Without hesitation, I returned to see Ruth. I knew she would be able to help me navigate a good course through these choppy seas. We worked together over a couple of months to develop a plan for my future life, and I gained a much-needed understanding of the root of my fears. The first time I worked with Ruth she helped me to build a life raft and stopped me drowning. The second time we created a sail, and now I can set my own direction. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ruth.

She is compassionate, a brilliant listener and incredibly insightful. Ruth supported me to develop coping strategies to get through a time of crisis. Before I met her I could not see a way out of the bleak place my mind was inhabiting. I worked with her again several years later, this time more proactively to get ahead of issues I could see coming my way. She helped me set a positive course through a time of considerable change, and I continue to use the skills she gave me on a regular basis to help me lead a very positive life. It is a world away from where I was when I first met her. I would not hesitate to recommend Ruth’s services.”

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