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BECOMING A FAMILY (including postnatal depression)

Woman, 39

“It was typical of me to have to be super prepared, but I wanted to make sure that old habits were ‘modified’, at the very least, so that I didn’t pass the worst of me onto my child!

I was surprised by how much sense there actually was in the old behaviours, once you really looked at it all, and relieved that there were more practical solutions than I had expected.

Ruth was always calm and reassuring, even when I was at my worst. She never seemed ‘phased’ and always came up with something to do.”

Woman, 34

“Ruth has been an invaluable part of my personal development after having my daughter. Ruth has very kindly and gently directed me towards realising and now achieving my goals.

Ruth has helped me to feel much more content and settled after moving to the UK 4 years ago. I would highly recommend Ruth to anyone who needs an excellent, kind and empathic listener.”

Woman, 33

“I was able to bring my baby with me to sessions, for which I was hugely grateful and I was quickly able to trust because it felt safe and natural.

I wasn’t at all prepared for the mind fog and awful feelings and I’m so grateful to Ruth for gently guiding my thoughts and feelings back along constructive lines.”

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